The Research Project of the Automotive Malfunction Diagnosis

The electric systems used by the automobiles are very complex currently, which includes more than eighty electronic control units. The past experiences show that forty percent of the electric system malfunction can not define the cause. The owners of cars will pay so much to repair the car for many times, because the components must be changed for many times until the malfunction is solved.

In order to overcome the above situations, the research project of the DIANA is developed by some automotive companies. They try to improve the analysis and diagnosis of the electronic control unit through every mean. Companies joined together to improve the accuracy of malfunction detection before the year of 2013. This project has gain the support of some research institute and colleges. The DIANA is the acronym of the German words, which means the semiconductor components and system diagnosis for the continually and incidental malfunction. This project is the part of German high technology strategy and information and communication technology 2020 plan which will gain the finical sport of the German government and research department. Automobile and transportation are scheduled to be the two focal points of the IKT 2020 plan, in order to improve the reliability and durability of the automotive device dramatically.

The research of the DIANA lays the foundations for detecting the malfunction of the electric device. For the achievement of the goal, the quality control measures of semiconductor industries are applied by the automotive industry systematic. The related information of malfunction can be searched in that way and to transmit it to the high class components of electronic control units. Then the electronic control unit diagnoses the fault with the collected operational data, providing the machinist a detailed diagnosis report.

The achievements of the research project will be applied for the automotive electric products. It is predicted that the achievements will help to improve the reliability, reduce the times of repair. If the test on the automobile is successful, this technology will have other applications, such as the transportation systems of airplane and the medical systems. The

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